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Teak Teak Wall & Floor Storage System
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Danish Wall & Floor Storage System Uldum

SKU: 002537
W 210 cm x D 49 x H 184

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A super Danish Uldum midcentury wall & base unit storage system in teak. The teak is a lovely warm tone with an interesting grain. The cabinet system has a superb amount of storage & plinths for either a television or vinyl decks. The wall cabinets hang on tracks attached to the wall. One is a double cupboard with an inner shelf, the other is a glass fronted cupboard with shelf. To the side of the wall units is a floor standing full height glass fronted cabinet with shelves. The bottom of the system has three drawers, one pullout shelf & a corner cabinet. The glass cabinets are illuminated. The piece is in five piece for transportation, is in good condition, & would make a fabulous feature unit in a midcentury modern space. A quality & stylish piece of Danish furniture.