Sofa Midcentury Sofa Bed Blue Wool Teak 1960s
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Sofa Midcentury Sofa Bed Blue Wool Teak 1960s

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Sofa W 209 cm x D 95 x W Seat 188 x Seat Height 43 x Back Height 83 Sofa Bed W 209 cm x D 125 x Height 46

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A stunning midcentury 1960s sofa bed by British Cintique. The four seater sofa is very handsome with its beautifully crafted teak frame, arms & legs. The seat & back cushions are generous in size for four persons & have been professionally reupholstered in blue wool which enhances the teak warm tones. The sofa with its side mechanism easily extends to form a good sized sofa bed. An incredible stylish, comfortable & functional piece for a sitting room, lounge or bedroom. The sofa is in good condition.